Tuesday, 1 November 2016

1.3 Thinking It Through

It wasn't until Femmy woke up one morning feeling severely ill, that she had realised what she had done. She has never been one to think stuff through, but she never considered that her plans for the future might come with some consequences that wouldn't concern only her.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, the realisation dawned on her that she had never thought to discuss this with her sister...or her brother for that matter. She decided to ponder a bit more on how to break them the news. Because by the way she was feeling right now, it seemed very likely that her plan had succeeded.
 Acting as normal went pretty well for a short while, though her sister did express some worries at the amount of times she threw up. And the excuse that she probably caught a bug could only work for so long.

So when Famke finally confronted her, she was shocked to hear that her sister was pregnant. She was even more shocked to hear that is was planned, and that her sister never bothered to include her in those plans. Worries grew even worse and the fear of having Femmy leaving her for a man made her lash out. "Are you insane?? How could you do this? What where you thinking?? Oh wait, I know...You weren't thinking.,.AGAIN!" Femmy tried to say something to this, but Famke continued on her rant. "I thought we agreed to stay together! That no one could come between us, and then you go off and do something like this!"

Hearing her sister lash out like that made Femmy explode. She got so mad, even though deep inside her sister was very much in her right to yell at her. "I know I am not always good at thinking stuff through, but honestly! What do you think, I am not some dimwit who'd come back on her promisses! I am never going to leave you, but I never guessed that this should keep me from following my own dreams! You knew I wanted children...how on earth did you think I was going to accomplish that then?? Or perhaps you were the one who wasn't thinking!"

The yelling cleared the air, as it always does with them. After babbling excuses from both sides they realise nothing is going to change...They only would have to build an extra room for the child. While hugging each other they realised the other side effect their yelling has most of the time. At least she wouldn't have to inform Beau anymore. He could litterly enjoy their discussion without any trouble...not sure what to think of this development in their household he walked out slamming the door. When Femmy heard the bang she ran after him in hopes of consoling her brother. She knew he would forgive her, he always did.

As life continued, and everybody indeed forgave Femmy, she conveniently "forgot" something ( or should we say someone) else she should have thought through a little bit better.


So the wheels are set in motion :) First child is on the way!


  1. Ohhh I wonder how he will react!

  2. I'm glad Femmy and Famke were able to make up! Curious to see how Travis will react!