Tuesday, 8 November 2016

1.4 Offense is The Best Defense

When at first the contact between Travis and Femmy got less and less he saw nothing wrong with it. She would still answer her phone, their talks would still be nice, and even though she was to busy to meet him he just thought it was true, because why would she lie to him.
But when he decide to pay her a surprise visite and her sister opened up to mention she wasn't at home something started to itch. When exactly the same happened the few times after that, and she also stopped answering her phone he started to get worried. Was she perhaps seeing someone else? But if so, why wouldn't she just say so. In a last resort to find out what was going he went by for the last time. And when he saw her standing through the door he was still kind of hoping she'd be happy to see him. Because you never know, her phone might have been broken... But instead she ran off.

When Famke came out to talk to him, he got mad. Apparently she still didn't have the balls to come talk to him in person. "Ehm hi Travis...she doesn't want to see you." Glaring at Famke he got the feeling something was off. "Why the hell not? Why can't she come and tell me this herself?"

 Travis stormed off, took the stairs to the door with 2 staps at a time. "Femmy! You'd better come out and tell me what's going on!"

With eyes glaring he walked in the house, While Famke ran after him she called out, "Femmy, you'd better come out...I tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen". Travis shouted again, "I am not going to come and look for you, I'm not going anywhere untill you come out and talk to me!" A meek voice came out of the bathroom, "okay...just one sec though okay? I'll be right there..."

When Femmy finally decided to stop playing hide and seek, and that there really was no piece of clothing in her wardrobe that would hide that enormous belly, she found Travis sitting at the table with Beau. Aparently he had given him something to eat while he was waiting for Femmy. Looking apolegetic he said to her "I'm sorry sis...but I still like him...and well...it's not like its his fault or anything". Beau scurried off when Femmy gave him the deathstare she reserves just for her siblings.

As she tried to squeeze herself between the table and the walls she could feel him glaring at her belly. Anxiously she looked at him trying to decide what to do with this situation. She could always try telling him it's not his...but since he lived around the block it was already quite a miracle he never even noticed her belly before. Though her being a recluse lately might explain that bit. But what if the baby looks like him? Whatever his shortcomings might be (which she wouldn't really know...she didn't stay long enough to find that out) he was no fool. He was actually quite bright, it was one of the things that attracted her to him. So if the child would be outside playing or whatever and bump into him...well anyone could fill in the blanks.

When Femmy sits down without saying a word Travis can't stand the tension anymore. "So when did you plan on telling me? Where you even going to tell me?? And don't tell me it's not mine, because I can do the math pretty well...how far along were you when you stopped answering my calls?? Three months??" Even though he was right, and she knew it, she also knew that offense was the best defense. So instead of groveling, a quality which she has never quite managed to master, she got up and got mad.

It wasn't even hard to get mad, she had been giving herself excuses often enough the last few months, it was a breeze to actually believe in them...even though some of them are probably flawed. While turning her back on him she started to rant herself. "Did you think this was easy for me?? Being pregnant isn't a walk in the park if you must know!! Bloody hormones messing everything up! And it is not like we talked about children or anything! How should I have known what you would say or want!"
Taken aback by this frontal assault Travis sat silently for a few moments. He knew he was being manipulated somehow...but it sounded true enough. Quietly he asked her what happened, hoping to get to a solution for this problem, not aware that in her eyes the only problem there was, was him.
Not intending to tell the full truth, only her siblings knew the truth, she started to explain, "It took me quite a while before I realised I was pregnant, it was never my intention not to tell you. But I kept putting it off and before I knew it there had past way to much time to tell you...I just couldn't handle the idea of you wanting me to get rid of the baby, or perhaps put it up for adoption". Shocked he look at her...she still had her back to him, shoulders a bit bent. "You never thought about the possibility that I might want the kid? We could have, heck we still can, work things out, perhaps move in together, get married...."
That made Femmy turn around, but not looking as relieved as he thought she would be. She looked absolutely shocked by the idea to get married. "oh no..."she mumbled "no...I am not marriage material...guys usual get fed up with me when they get to close..."
He started to say that wouldn't happen with him, but he didn't even get the chance. "besides...I...before I figured out I was pregnant I started to realize it was more lust then love between us. I really like you, but as a good friend. I don't mean to hurt you...but I think it would be better if we could just be friends."

Not sure how to respond at this he stood still, just staring at her, and before he managed to get his act together she pulled him in a hug whispering that she was glad he understood and that they could still be friends. Completely overrun by her he let himself be ushered out with the promise that he was always welcome and that she would call him when te baby was born. Still not knowing what happened just now, she closed the door behind him and disappeared in the bathroom again. He shook is head and started the short walk home.

Though her brother did not completely agree with the way she handled Travis, he kept taking care of her...Like mopping up after her when she had another accident...

 She can't even count on one hand the amount of showers she took like that...

But she when she stepped out of the shower this time, she sure as hell hoped it would be one of the last.


I don't actually know where those faces came from tbh....they were actually just chatting at the table, but it fitted perfectly in my story :)

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  1. I'm glad Femmy told Travis the truth, because he deserved to know. Hopefully he will be able to be in his child's life.