Tuesday, 25 October 2016

1.2 What About The Future?

Well yes, you heard me correct, the father of my future baby. I know women tend to be more romantic about who will father their children. But just as I don't see Beau meeting a girl who can put up with him, I can't see a man in the near future who is willing to put up with me. Besides that, I don't want to have a guy living in with me. It creates expectations, expectations I can't make true. That is why the whole twin and baby brother bit works out so fine. But...I do want children.

So for now at least I'm blessed that I am able to get man to put up with me for short periods.

 Luckely Travis Scott lives just around the corner, so without me having to get out of my way to bewitch him with my body, he was already standing on our doorstep. So of course I invited him in.

 We hit it off straight away. I'm glad he is not to shy about getting a bit phsysical, because that is the  part I like the best about boys, or man. Tickling someone always breaks the ice.

And let's be honest, he is kind of sweet. I can't help myself, but I think I am falling in love just a tiny bit. He's so cute! And when I look at him I can't help but enjoy whatever it is we have going on. 

 Though I am normally a little bit more straightforward, I do find myself falling short of courage when I decide it is time to go on a date. I have never ever been shy before, but somehow I do care about what Travis will think about me.

 I am quite happy that Travis is not as shy as he first seemed. He happily keeps the conversation going, he doesn't even seem to notice that I am not that talkative.

 "And when I got into the office this morning, they were still trying to fix the coffee machine! I almost couldn't keep myself from laughing. They never even bothered to look at the coffee in the machine, so they never did find out that it was actually tealeaves I put in there."

 "Seriously? They didn't figure it out? But what did they do with all that "coffee" that came out of the machine then?" He has such a sweet smile when he is trying to be devious. I can't help but stare at him. His eyes get a sparkle when he is enjoying himself. It's weird how quickly I got to know the little things about him.
 "Well they drank it, assuming it was just a bad batch of coffee...they were pretty relieved to find that the next batch was in fact coffee." And right then and there I melted...I became this huge puddle of pink squishy goo. And I just couldn't help myself, I got up and.....

 The tension that had build up during their date exploded when their lips met. Everybody in the nightclub couldn't help but look up and smile at what they assumed to be love radiating off them during the kiss.

When Femmy asked Travis to bring her home he could do little else then nod and hope that she wasn't about to blow him off. All the way back to her house he kept hoping she had the same ideas as he had. But the fact that they couldn't keep their hands of each other on the way back should have reassured him enough.

While holding hands she pulled him inside, and when she noticed her sister was out as well...
Well lets just say her plan came together.


First I wan't to appoligize for shifting my writing style. I had been reading back my old stories, and my last story had the writing style I used at first. I like it a lot, but....while writing this story I noticed it is just not suitable for the random legacy (it was a different challenge when I used that style). So I decided to try and bring it back to the style I used for my sims 3 random legacy.

Okay...so this date is the first community lot I visited in light of the town explorer bit. Besides that, nothing has changed much :) I do notice I'm kind of sprinting through the story here....Ah well...got enough challenge in this generations roll....must make enough subject matter as well :).


  1. Oh it's nice that the legacy is getting along. It's a shame she can't marry Travis because of the legacy parameters because he seems like such a nice guy...

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    1. Oopss. Sorry about that. I posted the wrong comment on the wrong chapter. Lol.

  3. Well...she doesn't waste anytime does she? Haha. I like that though. She goes after what she wants. Great chapter!

    1. Ha no! I had been reading back on my old legacy :D the Crist family...and they were so socially adapted :) so I kind of wanted to write someone completely different :D